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Greenfield Community School details
School NameGreenfield Community School
School Type K-12 Government
PrincipalAndy Wood
Greenfield Community School (GCS) is a school with a warm heart, a place where each child and family is made to feel welcome and at home. A Taaleem school, we seek to inspire young minds and to challenge each child to identify and develop their unique talents. Academically, we are one of just a few schools in the world to offer all four International Baccalaureate programmes. With an inquiry-based approach to learning, IB students learn to be critical thinkers, to be able to undertake research and think deeply about the essential questions that underpin their academic coursework. At GCS we believe in student and community wellbeing, and thus place high importance in taking care of our community and environment. We have an Eco Warrior team and would now like to take the next step in developing a truly economical and environmentally friendly school.