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GEMS Founders School details
School NameGEMS Founders School
School Type K-12 Private
PrincipalMatthew Burfield
GEMS Founders School – Al Barsha is an international UK curriculum school, providing students in the Dubai with the high standard of education that GEMS Education embodies. We are part of the GEMS Education family of international schools. GEMS Education is an international body that pursues excellence in education, ensuring that it is accessible for every child, everywhere. This pursuit of excellence has seen GEMS Education set new standards across the world with the four core concepts of learning: learning through innovation, pursuing excellence, growing by learning and global citizenship. As a Dubai school that teaches students the National Curriculum for England, we offer a reasonably priced world-class education for Foundation Stage to Year 9 students. Our multi-cultural student-base provides our school with an international atmosphere and our professional team nurture and inspire our students to become learners for life. Every day a new lifelong learner is born. And every day, we inspire students to seek knowledge. Together we inspire creative, mindful learners who value diversity, support one another and strive for success.