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School Type K-12 Private
A small plot of land of 56 sq. metres area, a solitary mulberry bush, a few potted plants were all that the school had by way of greenery/garden/vegetation. However, it never failed to attract our lovely children who would go around the mulberry bush singing the nursery rhyme. Three years ago, Dubai witnessed the growth of urban gardening, the emergence of miracle garden, etc. The concept caught the fancy of our school and in January 2015, the first phase of vertical gardens came up. The primary students took to it ‘naturally’. Children sponsored potted plants and they could take care of it. Within no time, vertical spaces, the terrace etc. became garden spaces. Today, the land available remains at 56 sq. metres but the cultivated space is 2370 sq. metres. At present, the school grows 117 species of plants. Student Eco-Warriors are in charge of the project. They maintain the garden, water the plants, apply nutrients to the soil, find the scientific names of the plant and label them accordingly. The other highlights of the Eco’ committee’s activities are: • Sale of plants, vegetables, and greens in the school - our parents are our major customers. • Street plays, seminars and environmental workshops on environment awareness • Developing hydroponics • Nature talk and nature studies have been, further embedded in our curriculum. Senior students have started conducting significant environmental research work to further improve and augment the present system. Comparison of the level of pesticides in fruits and vegetables grown in school and in the local market, The effect of music on plants, Use of indoor plants inside classrooms to improve the quality of air are some of the research works greatly appreciated by the KHDA. Recently, the school planted 4 trees in Umm Al Quwain for the remarkable contributions to One Root One Communi tree programme organised by EEG. Akhil Puligada, a grade 12 student deposited 16,486 kg of paper to EEG and received the honor of being the highest individual collector of the year. The school is the proud winner of the Eco Silver Award from ECAT. Though the school faces the challenges of space constraint, the severe climatic and atmospheric conditions that prevail in the region, nutrient deficiency in the soil, which affects the crop yield adversely, the students are so passionate that this is one act, which will never go out of fashion.