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The Eco-Schools UAE award process is a gradual one that encourages schools to celebrate small successes and raise the bar to next level for higher awards. Schools are encouraged to work slowly through the process of transformation to better environmental management and sustainable practices by working through the award process in a systematic and thoughtful way, thereby ensuring maximum involvement from students and good understanding of the processes involved in the programme.

You can apply for an Eco-Schools UAE award once you have implemented the seven steps of the Eco-Schools process. There are three levels of award. You can apply for any one of these levels depending on how much you believe your school has achieved.

The three awards

The first two levels of the Eco-Schools award are the Bronze and Silver certificates. Ensure you fulfill the necessary criteria before you do the self-evaluation.

Click here for Bronze award criteria and Application form Click here for Silver award criteria and Application form Click here for Green Flag award criteria and Application form

The top level of award is the Eco-Schools Green Flag.

Once you have……

You will be awarded



Registered for the programme and started to work on the 3 themes of Energy, Water and Waste (including Litter) and initiated the Eco-Schools seven steps to meet the basic criteria for Bronze award

Bronze Award certificate

Continued to work on the 3 themes of Energy, Water and Waste (including Litter), and worked higher on the criteria requirements

Silver Award certificate

Achieved higher levels of performance in at least two of the three themes (including Waste),and fulfilled the Green Flag criteria (minimum one year and a maximum of two years)

Green Flag

However, it is not mandatory that you go through the Bronze and Silver awards before applying for the Green Flag. The two awards are meant to recognize small efforts by schools so they are able to sustain it to achieve the highest award.
Green Flag application first time
Green Flag Renewal Application Form