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Report on Can Collection Drive, 2016-October
The Springdales Eco Club under the aegis of Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) was actively involved in the “Can Collection Drive” for 29thOctober, 2016. The initiative taken by the Club along with every member of our School has yielded positive results and the momentum has been felt by one and all. The process has witnessed a gradual upswing and upgradation as compared to last year’s 25 kilograms of recyclable Aluminium cans, this year we have been able to collect 37 kilograms. Hopefully, in the next year, the margin would touch the desired destination of 50 kilograms. So, once again we feel the generated rhythm has been maintained and it needs to be sustained over a longer duration of time. All the Aluminum cans collected by the EEG during the campaign is sent to recycling facilities in Dubai and Sharjah whereby it will be properly recycled. Hoping there will be more support and participation by every member (Students, Teaching and non-teaching staff)of the School next year with more zeal to reach the desired goal.