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Earth day-Whole School Activty(22nd April,2017)
SPRINGDALES SCHOOL P.O. BOX 115930, AL QOUZ-IV, DUBAI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Earth day celebration Dated:20-04-2017 Written by Ms.Rupaleem Konwar The “World Earth Day” is celebrated on April 22nd every year. Earth Day aims to encourage people across the world to be more environmentally friendly. It is a great day to showcase people’s awareness about the importance of the environment and how the Earth is being affected by the various activities of humans. Since this year, April 22nd was a Saturday, Springdales School, Dubai had the Earth Day Celebration on April 20th, 2017 in the school premises. The preparation started a week ahead where every class from Grade 1 to 10 had to make an Eco Corner with a display with hand cutouts where every student had to write down the different ways to protect and save the environment. Students right from Kindergarten to Grade 10 were involved in various kinds of environmental related activities. Kindergarten activities: • Pledge – Watering the trees and plants around the school- Starting from Earth Day and to be done each day thereafter. A rota was set for the classes for the watering activity. • Switching Off the lights during break and other periods as and when possible. • Parade in the Kindergarten corridors wearing accessories/dresses made using recycled material with the help of their parents. • Songs were played on the 3R’s (Reduce,Reuse,Recycle), children lined up outside their classes and cheered each other as they walked class wise starting from KG1A-KG2K. • A PPT was shown to the students on the topic “Save Mother Earth” followed by “Earth Day song” sung by the Kindergarten students . Primary school activities: Art competition Grade 1- Draw the Earth with finger tips Grade2 and 3_ Collage of the Green UAE Grade4 and 5_ Craft on Earth Day – Best out of waste Secondary school activities: 1)Art competition Grade6- Poster on Reduce, Recycle, Reuse Grade 7- Poster on Greener UAE by 2020 Grade 8- Collage on Greener UAE by 2020 Grade 10-Poster on Sustainable consumption 2) RESTORE--Creativity Skilled Program”. The students were encouraged to showcase different variations of Craftsmanship, reusing damaged, used or recycled items. The collection of the craft work started a week ahead and on the Earth day, the eco committee members organized a sale “RESTORE” of all the Creative crafts made from recycled materials among their fellow students, faculty members & other employees of the school, within the School premises. This activity was basically conducted to enrich their Entrepreneurial skills and also to portray their sense of creativity, dynamism & imagination. The money collected from the sale will go as a fund raiser for various environmental activities conducted in school. The Earth day celebration came out to be a huge success as it involved and engaged the whole school community as a day of gratitude to Our Mother earth and a day to reiterate our firm resolve to keep our planet clean & green. This kind of environment related events helps to a great extend in creating awareness among our fellow students towards protecting nature & natural resources.